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Computers  and Consumer Electronics have become incredibly advanced devices for today’s  modern homes.  By having a skilled  technician to install and network your home devices, you not only get a clean,  quality installation, but the education necessary to enjoy all the features and  benefits that today’s electronics have to offer. We also help you plan and  prepare for the technologies you will need tomorrow.
Let us design an automation system for your home or business. Blue Collar Bob's have everything from smart thermostats and home/business security alarms to automated blinds and have the experience and the knowledge to make your "smart home" a reality.
We offer installation and subscriptions to many high quality home automation services and systems. Our technicians are on top of this rapidly growing technology. With our knowledge and wonderful local customer base you can feel at ease knowing our reputation.


The satellite industry is well established with two existing market leaders who we are currently signed-up to sell and install subscription based services for - Dish Network .
We are able to offer the same prices that Dish Network offer but unlike them, we are able to offer local services they cannot. These local services include:
• Personal Service
• Convenient Store Location
• Custom Designed Solutions
• UHF Antenna sales and installation
• Assistance with Additional Equipment Purchases
Live, Friendly Professionals Willing to Troubleshoot Issues
Blue Collar Bobs also offers options for Wireless High Speed Internet, or Phone and DSL services for sale. This enables us to produce solutions tailored to each customer’s unique home or business networking needs. We offer Charter, Centrylink, and Exede.


While the computer industry is forever changing, evolving and
producing new technologies and features, the repair end of the computer world tends to stay the same. Our professional and knowledgeable computer technicians strive to keep up with the new technologies and products while maintaining an expert grasp on standard computer repair techniques.
• Computer Service & Repair
• PC and Mac
• Computer Networking
• Virus Removal
• Data Recovery
• Software updates
• Computer Equipment Reconciliation
• CD/DVD & game disk resurfacing/repair services
Blue Collar Bob's offers onsite repair as well, when it is necessary. Also available is remote login services.
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